E-learning Alcohol, drugs and medication at work

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The use of alcohol, drugs or medication (before and during work) affects performance, absenteeism, safety and working atmosphere. Research shows that alcohol and drug use occur in every sector and industry. For example, bad working atmospheres arise because of hangovers. Or an accident almost happens because of a intoxicated colleague.

This e-learning makes employees and managers aware of the risks of alcohol and drug use during and outside working hours. The e-learning also provides insight into when use becomes problematic. Finally, the e-learning discusses how employees can recognize signals, how they can start a conversation and where they can find (anonymous) help.

This elearning is preferably part of an integrated preventive approach within companies. This means that in addition to this elearning, there is also an Alcohol, Drugs and Medicines Policy (ADM policy), that managers are trained and additional information is provided for employees. More information: Training and advice on alcohol and drug policy at work - Trimbos Institute.

Duration: half an hour
Available for companies via LTI connection.
Please contact Maddy Blokland for this.

This e-learning includes:

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Auteur J. van der Avoort, M. Blokland, C. de Nerée, J. Zijlstra


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