Higher Education Monitor 2023

Factsheet Mental health and substance use among students

For the second time, a monitor has been carried out into the mental well-being and substance use of students at research universities and universities of applied sciences. In the spring of 2023, over 32,000 students completed an online questionnaire on this topics. Additionally, research has been conducted into the factors associated with mental health and substance use.

The importance of investing in student well-being remains unchanged. The findings seem to indicate that students’ mental health has improved in some respects over the past two years. However, a significant share of students are experiencing mental health issues. Although frequent cannabis use and recent use of psychedelics has gone down relative to 2021, vaping on a daily or regular basis is growing in popularity. A sizeable share of students are also excessive or heavy drinkers, with no indications that alcohol use is declining. Most students with mental health issues are receiving help or counselling within or outside their educational institution. The findings point to potential avenues for promoting student mental health and preventing or reducing risky substance use. This will require actions targeting both individuals and their environments.

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Auteur J. Nuijen, A. Verweij, J. Dopmeijer, C. van den Brink




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