Reporting Desk for New Drugs – Annual Report 2020

In the Netherlands, a total of 78 different new psychoactive substances were reported to the Reporting Desk for New Drugs by the participating laboratories in 2020; nine of these new psychoactive substances were detected on the illicit drug market in the Netherlands for the first time.


The Reporting Desk for New Drugs assembles, analyzes, and reports on data collected by a variety of organizations in the Netherlands about the production, trade, and consumption of new psychoactive substances. The Customs Laboratory of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Forensic Institute provide data about seized new psychoactive substances that have been sent to their laboratories for analysis. The Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) provides data about new psychoactive substances that have been detected after laboratory analysis of consumer samples submitted to a drug checking service. The Monitor Drug-related Incidents (MDI) and the Dutch Poisons Information Centre (DPIC) share data about adverse health-related events related to the use of new psychoactive substances. Additional information about new psychoactive substances being used in the Netherlands is also collected from pre-selected online consumer discussion boards about drugs.

Together, the information from the Reporting Desk for New Drugs gives an indication of the situation regarding new psychoactive substances being present in the Netherlands on the illicit drug market.

Auteur L. Smit-Rigter, D. van der Gouwe





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