Annual Report 2015

Drugs Information and Monitoring System

The DIMS Annual Report 2015 provides an insight into the Dutch market of controlled substances in 2015. Almost 14.000 visitors handed in over 12.000 drug samples at testing locations throughout the country. 60% of these samples involves ecstasy.

The Drugs Information and Monitoring System is a national network of testing facilities in the Netherlands that aims at gaining an insight into the market of controlled substances. It is commissioned by the Ministry of Health (VWS). The coordinating office is embedded within the Trimbos Institute.

Activities: DIMS examines the content of drugs, its associated health-related risks, and analyses trends.
Method: DIMS monitors the market in controlled drugs by offering consumers the possibility to have their drugs tested.
Application: The data collected are being used for education, prevention and policy interventions.
Warnings: DIMS occasionally warns on a national, regional or local level, or e.g. via social media for drugs involving extra risks.
Education: The testing facilities serve a major educational purpose and provide information on effects and risks of drugs.

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