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On Recovery, Empowerment and Experiential Expertise

This book is about recovery, empowerment and experiential expertise, three concepts that are gaining popularity in psychiatry and mental health services. The author aims at integrating different kinds of knowledge:

  • reflections on her experiences as a psychiatric patient and as a client in mental health care;
  • experiential knowledge or ‘collective’ knowledge, built within the psychiatric user movement;
  • and, finally, scientific knowledge.

Collective knowledge within the psychiatric user movement is knowledge that is based on years and years of exchanging experiences with severe mental suffering and with the psychiatric system. This collective knowledge is not ‘just’ anti or some sort of political activism. It is autonomous, critical and very rich in innovative ideas on how to help persons with severe mental distress to deal with life. It just needs to be explicated and disseminated as useful and enriching knowledge.

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Auteur W. Boevink




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