Clubs against Drugs [English]

In this session we will explore the Swedish environmental drug prevention intervention Clubs Against Drugs, followed by an interactive discussion on about whether or not it might have suitable elements for Dutch nightlife. Join us in the dialogue!

Wat leert u?

Clubs Against Drugs (CaD) is an environmental intervention which focuses on introducing measures that can reduce drug use in nightlife. As the prevalence nightlife drug use is fairly high in The Netherlands, environmental intervention could be an interesting approach for drug prevention. This summer session will explore the elements and results of CaD (discussed by Dr. Johanna Gripenberg), and implementation experiences will be discussed by a Swedish stakeholder. Subsequently, together with Dutch stakeholders,  we will have a discussion in plenary: what can we learn from the Swedish situation, might an environmental intervention such as CaD be a suitable for Dutch nightlife, or why might it not be?

Behoort u tot de doelgroep?

This session is meant for professionals in the field of alcohol- and drug prevention and stakeholders in health- and safety-related nightlife fields.


Programme info

  • Welcome –Lex
  • Presentation Clubs Against Drugs – Johanna Gripenberg
  • Experience with implementing CaD – Swedish stakeholder
  • Panel discussion incl. Dutch stakeholders (representatives from police, research, drug prevention, and nightlife)
  • Interactive group discussion

August 26, 10:00 – 11:30

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